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You’re About To Discover A Complete Training System For Building Functional Strength And A Lean, Agile Body…


If you answer YES to any of the below, you need this…

  • You’ve tried diets and fitness plans in the past and struggled to “stick with the program”
  • You value health and fitness over simply “looking good”
  • You want to make a positive change in your health, strength and mobility
  • You play a sport or do an activity that could benefit from better strength and agility
  • You’ve got some weight you could lose, and you want to do it the right way… and keep it off
  • You’re interested in bodyweight training, healthy eating and learning how to live a lean and agile life... for good
  • You want to have a good relationship with the food you eat and feel happy and confident in your own body
Dear Friend,

Have you ever tried a popular fitness plan or diet to lose weight or get into better shape? How did it go?

Did you achieve your goals?

Unfortunately, most people fail when it comes to health and fitness fads that promise easy weight loss, fast muscle-building, and looking better in (or out of) your clothes.

The Truth About
Fad Diets…

The reason that most diets and fitness fads fail to “work” is because they focus on training for the wrong goal… They’re all about looking good or losing weight… not getting healthy and stronger.

Although looking better in the mirror can be a nice side-effect of training, it should never be your primary focus.

That’s what Inverness Boot Camp is all about.

It’s about building strength that you can use. With functional training, improved mobility and core strengthening you’re not trying to look strong or look thin… You are striving to BECOME truly strong and truly healthy…

…and sure, you will soon look better in the mirror, but that is NOT the main focus.
A Fitness Plan That Works...
Most people think a fitness plan involves eating small amounts of tasteless foods, going to the gym every single day, and investing in expensive exercise equipment and accessories…

…this is pretty much the “norm” for fad diets and people that are trying to appeal to the “mirror on the wall.”

But you don’t have to do any of that with Inverness Boot Camp…

I got tired of people thinking they needed to eat next to nothing and spend hours in the gym or pounding the streets, so I started Inverness Boot Camp to help people get fitter, stronger, leaner, healthier and more agile… the right way!

When I started to put these steps into practice the results blew me away. I’m not kidding! It was all to do with following a well laid out plan that anyone can follow – and I mean anyone.

Who am I?
My name is Bruce Dinsdale, and I am an Inverness Personal Trainer and weight loss coach.

For more years than I can remember my passion in life has been health and fitness.

After moving to Inverness six years ago I qualified as a personal trainer and have been helping women and men get stronger, fitter and more mobile with my own brand of fitness training.

A combination of bodyweight strength and conditioning exercises, high and lower intensity training, stretching and strengthening the muscles, tendons and joints to achieve excellent levels of functional mobility. Core strength and stability plays a major role in all our training sessions, which are varied, challenging and fun.

Nutrition coaching is also provided. This is not just a count your calories and "fit your macros" approach, it is an education in eating the whole, natural, healthy foods your body requires. Eating enough to fuel your exercise and promote muscle growth while limiting the excess which leads to fat gain and ill health.

While Inverness Boot Camp is not a quick fix fat loss program, better body composition is a happy side effect of getting fitter and stronger and eating for health.
So what is Inverness Boot Camp and why is it better than any other fat loss solution?
I know what you’re thinking. . .”It sounds tough, I’ve never done a fitness and fat loss boot camp before. I’m really unfit and out of shape, will I be able to do it?

Here’s the great news. . . YES YOU CAN!

Training with a small group of like minded, highly motivated individuals, each working to the best of their ability, but at THEIR OWN PACE ensures that nobody gets left behind and EVERYONE sees results. GUARANTEED!
So what makes Inverness Boot Camp better than your average gym membership or exercise class? We include ALL the ingredients for success:
Encouragement and Motivation
Firm Toned Muscles
Increased Metabolism
Improved Mobility
Fun and Effective
Lifelong Healthy Habits
Results Guaranteed
What People Are Saying
"If you had told me 5 months ago that I would be two stone lighter I would have laughed in disbelief but by attending boot camp and following the eating plan (optional) that’s exactly what I’ve achieved. Bruce ensures every workout is different so you never get bored and with each session he also ensures you get a full body workout. The main thing is that it’s fun as you quickly build up a rapport with Bruce and with the other class members. It’s amazing how quickly you see the results in both your body shape and your level of fitness. I’m obviously delighted with the results and have signed up for another 3 months as I want to build on my achievements so far and with the continual support of Bruce and my fellow class members I know I will achieve my goal" - Kath Ross
 "Recently I looked in the mirror and decided that if I didn’t make an effort and brought some effort to my training regime I was never going to get any results. Luckily I found out about Inverness Boot Camp and I joined up. After talking to Bruce and sorting my terrible diet out I got to know everyone and it went really well and in my very first month I lost TEN POUNDS!
I have just kept going and thanks to Bruce and the enthusiasm of everyone who goes to boot camp I have lost nearly two stone in total so far. All I had to do was think positive, work hard and look for a goal! Nothing like a little bit of positivity to help you through" - Brian Mackenzie
"I liked the camaraderie that built up over the four weeks, we seemed to benefit from encouraging each other – bit like group therapy! You can see the benefit in this short time – I’ve lost 1/2 stone and fit my clothes better, and I thought I was quite fit! Room for improvement for everyone" - Alison Macdonald
"Boot Camp is exactly what I needed. After 8 weeks it has become part of my life. I feel fitter, slimmer and lighter, physically and mentally. The diet isn’t really a diet, it’s just a different way of eating which has become the norm.
I even seem to look forward to getting out of bed at 5am, and have started to do exercise on my days off too.
Thank you Bruce!"
🙂 – Sophie Hogg
"Having not done anything in the way of fitness for many years!! I didn’t set myself any unrealistic goals, I just wanted to improve my overall fitness. I feel I have done that and lost a few pounds as well so I’m very happy with my Boot Camp experience." – Sandra C.
"Boot Camp previously for me was for the fit and super fit – never something I thought I could achieve. Over the past four weeks I feel very much better for it. It was hard work but enjoyable, and looking at the results already have a great feeling of wellbeing, together with a fitter, cleaner and leaner body with loads more energy. On the nutritional side, it’s alarming when you stop and analyse what manufacturers are doing to our food and so called calling it “healthy”. For me the whole experience of Boot Camp was amazing, what I was looking for for various reasons. Enjoyable exercises, good healthy food and lifestyle explained and monitored. Highly recommended exercise program if you take your health and fitness seriously". – Rose J.
What All Will I get From Boot Camp?

When you sign up to our four week body transforming fitness boot camp you will receive:

  • 45 minutes of fun, efficient, calorie burning indoor exercise 3 - 5 times a week, including:

    • - Fitness and exercise instruction
    • - Resistance training
    • - Functional training
    • - Core training
    • - Flexibility training
    • - Exercise, nutrition and lifestyle advice
    • - Weekly body measurements
  • - “Fit ‘n’ Lean” nutritional program that includes cutting edge nutritional advice, healthy eating plans, recipes and fat loss tips
  • - Food diary
  • - Referral bonuses
  • - Additional home training plans
    • - Access to our private members only Belly Blast page on Facebook
  • - Full email and telephone support

Finally, see all the benefits of Inverness Boot Camp

 No more starvation diets or counting calories

 Burn 6 hours worth of calories in less than 1 hour

 Enjoy the increased motivation and accountability of working in a group with others just like you

 Feel fitter, healthier, more flexible, energetic and alive!

 Greatly improved endurance levels – no more “out of breath” moments

 Stronger and slimmer physique

 No more long, boring cardio sessions


No matter what you have tried before I will personally GUARANTEE that you will see results in just 4 weeks or less if you follow my Fit ‘n’ Lean nutritional guidelines and attend all of the sessions in your first 4 week BootCamp.

I will GUARANTEE you will have more energy, lose inches, get rid of stubborn ugly body fat, be stronger, fitter, more flexible and feel absolutely fantastic after just 4 weeks.
I’m so confident that you will enjoy our Inverness Boot Camp that I’m offering a full money back guarantee. If you don’t see ANY results after following the “Fit ‘n’ Lean” nutritional guidelines 100% AND attending at least 12 Boot Camp sessions I will refund every penny. . . no hassle and no hard feelings.
All we need to do is take your measurements and a photo before and after the Boot Camp. If you have commitment and a strong desire to get results, you can now achieve your goals with NO RISK.
Frequently Asked Questions

What is Boot Camp?

Inverness Boot Camp is not just another exercise class. It is an exercise and nutrition program designed to give you maximum results in minimum time. Each Boot Camp lasts for four weeks, and provides 3 - 5 45 minute sessions a week together with the full “Fit ‘n’ Lean” nutritional guidelines, healthy eating plans and support.

The sessions are continually altered to prevent boredom and keep your body guessing, leading to far better results.You’ll meet great people who share your same passion for developing a healthier body and mind. As the weeks progress you will form new friendships, creating accountability to yourself and each other and boosting motivation.

What should I expect to achieve?

This is all about turning away from fad diets and fitness programs that just don’t work.

This is about building real strength and agility… strength that you can use. It’s about training, the healthy way… not to please a “mirror.”

Sure, if you follow what’s inside, you WILL gain muscle, lose weight, and look better, but again, this about building real health and FUNCTIONAL fitness.

Will Boot Camp be too hard for me?

Don’t worry if your fitness levels are currently low, they will be vastly improved by the end of Boot Camp. It will be physically demanding so you need to be fit and well enough to begin an exercise program, and you should consult your doctor if you have any medical issues or if you haven’t exercised for a while. However most of the exercises can be modified to make them easier in the beginning and everyone is encouraged to simply do their best at their own pace.

Are we training outside?

No. Many boot camps will typically train outdoors in the park, which is great in the summer, but we live in Inverness! A light rainfall is refreshing but heavy rain can be not just unpleasant but potentially dangerous making the grass slippery. Outside the summer months the evenings get dark early, and we always have to wonder if the the dogs have been there before us. Not to mention the mud and grass stains and the midges. . . .

We hold the Boot Camp indoors in a well lit sports hall with toilet and kitchen facilities available. No more excuses!

What about “pay as you go”? 

The sole aim of Inverness Boot Camp is to see clients get results. Unfortunately we have found that when people are left to attend any sort of exercise class on a PAYG basis they all too frequently find excuses not to go, and as a result they lose all momentum towards their goals. Accountability is an extremely powerful tool, whether it be to yourself, to others or to your wallet!

By paying in full in advance for the Boot Camp you become accountable for attending every session and following the program to the letter. And we know the program works :-)
Can I come to a Saturday session?

Yes! Saturday sessions are now available to everyone! For a damn good full body workout and exercise session come along on a Saturday morning at 08.30 am and experience the Boot Camp Introduction. Use this as a trial for the full Boot Camp or just come along each week and get fit!

Thursday evening at 6.15pm is also open to everyone!

Just £5 per session or FREE for all full Boot Camp members. This exercise option does not include nutritional package and additional support.

What do I need to bring?

You will need to bring a bottle of water, a towel (not too small), light soled trainers, your own exercise mat and loads of energy!

When and where is it?
Inverness Boot Camp is an ongoing program so for your convenience you can now join us any Monday (subject to availability). Your Boot Camp plan will be for a minimum of 4 weeks in order for you to be sure of seeing results, then continue from that date until your pre-booked time has expired. If you wish to stay with us to achieve greater results then simply book up again. This is always subject to availability as places are limited so be sure to reserve your place early.


Smithton-Culloden Free Church
Murray Road


Morning Sessions

Monday 0615 – 0700
Wednesday 0615 – 0700
Friday 0615 – 0700

Evening Sessions

Monday 1815 – 1900
Wednesday 1815 – 1900
Friday 1815 – 1900

Open to Everyone

Saturday - 0830

The Green Hall - Smithton
Sinclair Terrace
IV2 7N
Thursday 1815 - 1900
Move to Improve
As a Boot Camp member it's recommended you attend morning or evening sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You have the option of alternatively/additionally doing Thursday evening and Saturday morning to ensure you get in a minimum of three sessions a week for best results.

We also have our mobility class, Move to Improve, on Tuesday and Thursday morning at 6.15am. This is included in your Boot Camp membership and is a great way to accelerate your results through better movement, flexibility and body control.

Move to Improve is also open to non members at £5 per session.
So How Much Is It and How Do I Get Started?
If you were to hire me as a personal trainer on a one to one basis 3 times a week for four weeks it would cost you over £300.

The good news is, you get unlimited training sessions, the same nutritional program my personal training clients get, full email and phone support and my GET RESULTS OR YOUR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for just £89.

The bad news is this price WILL be going up soon after an initial trial period.
Please click on the button below. This will take you to your Boot Camp registration options.

I look forward to seeing you in Boot Camp!!
For further information or if you have any questions please give me a shout or 07872 452338
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